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Editorial Workflow Management

Automatic versioning, stamp-dating, file comparison

Robust document routing,access control,distributed responsibility protocol

Regulated through Drupal CMS framework

Comprehensive workflow customizability

Automatic tracking of every document iteration at any stage of production

Desk by desk modularization that accommodates all the production steps in the making of a scholarly edition, from document transcription to editing, scholarly annotations (including bibliography), apparatus consolidation, front matter, back matter, and layout

Features customizable throughout

Comes with a Creation Desk that installs a comprehensive directory of folders and subfolders according to preset customizable stages and substages of work at every level of volume production

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TEI-XML Encoding Tool

Specially designed TEI Header form to facilitate its creation and maintenance for each document and each iteration

Uses TEI-conformant schemas and relevant modules

Facilitates the XML encoding of texts through a range of input methods that minimize tagging

Ensures well-formedness and TEI schema validation of encoding, all done online.

Comprehensive import and export of files within and outside the platform

Importation, management, and viewing of digitized manuscript images and graphics

Tools include access to LateX and MathML encoding

Document Transcription image

Transcription Desk

TEI-XML conformant transcriptions can be made from scratch from manuscripts, typescripts, or printed materials, or on the basis of preliminary electronic versions of the text imported into the platform

Allows importation of digitized images of the text for side-by-side transcription

Iterative process attuned to a variety of proofreading protocols(single-person, team, scholarly proofing, archival proofing)

Iterative process accommodates correction checks when proofreading corrections

Accommodates any number of iterations until the production of the finalized “perfected transcription”

Built-in access to STEP Transcriptor and Oxgarage

Ciritical or Documentary Textual Editing image

Editing Desk

Access reserved to designated editors

Default text is a copy of the perfected transcription; other texts are allowed

Multi-level process of entering or imposing emendations (allowing input from several editors)

TEI-XML compliant tagging of emendations,along with apposite handling of sigla

Helps consolidate and finalize emendations, and generate lists of emendations

Allows also composition of textual notes that explain intricate emendation decisions

Also manages the creation of lists of rejected substantives and of source-text line-end hyphenations

Critical Apparatus image

Apparatus Desk

Access reserved to designated editors

Centralizes and facilitates for each document the composition of several key apparatus components: description of physical documents, of their compositional history, their textual genealogy, the rationale for copy-text selection

Imports and allows further editing of lists of alterations, emendations, rejected substantives, line-end hyphenations.

Ensures the TEI-XML compliant formatting of all those apparatus lists.

Consolidates the apparatus of each selection or book chapter into a single file

Includes processes for pre-keying apparatus lists, and rekeying them to match the final layout

Scholarly Annotations image

Annotations Desk

Access reserved to designated contributors

Centralizes and facilitates for each document the composition of all sorts of scholarly annotations: identification of persons, places, events, and bibliographical sources; terminological explanations; historical contextualizations; philosophical, logical, and scientific clarifications; cross-references to primary and secondary literature; transcriptions of excerpts of relevant drafts and letters, or ofauthorial annotations

Helps enter, format, and generate a bibliography of an author’s sources for quotations, citations, paraphrases, allusions

Allows scholars to keep track of their own sources while annotating

Multi-level drafting process including proofreading and scholarly review

Facilitates access to archives of past annotations and to relevant research resources

Front Matter image

Front Matter Desk

Provides tools for the creation and maintenance of all front-matter files, including title and half-title pages, copyright page, frontispiece, table of contents, table of figures and of illustrations, preface or foreword, introduction, acknowledgements, biographical chronology, bibliographical conventions, and more

Administers the transition from drafts to revisions, proofreading, corrections, and finalization

Back Matter image

Back Matter Desk

Provides tools for the creation and maintenance of all back-matter files, including explanation of editorial symbols, an editor’s essay on editorial theory and method, a chronological list or catalog of an author’s documents, a list of line-end hyphenation in the edition text, and indexes

Provides tools for the consolidation of all those items with the scholarly annotations, textual apparatus, and bibliography built at other desks

Administers the transition from drafts to revisions, proofreading, corrections, and finalization

Provides access to indexing software

Layout desk image

Layout Desk

Helps manage transitioning to layout all sections of a work, from front matter to body text to back matter.

Administers the process of passing from first pass to second pass to third pass, and then to printer-ready copy.

Includes a process for the preparation of a book jacket.

Manages the process that finalizes a full corpus before submission to a publisher.

Provides access to various XSLT solutions.

Our Tools

STEP Monitor

Explore how this tool helps you create and manage complete editorial workflows for any text corpus or text bank
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Explore the many features of this double app that helps encode TEI-XML compliant transcriptions
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Explore how this tool compares texts, shows and lists their differences, and creates apparatus lists.
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Be aware that this demo site is under constant development. Interface design and appearance keep improving all the time. Other STEP Tools in the works include STEP Emendator, STEP Annotator, and STEP Formulator.

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